Making Cheatsheets


Making Cheatsheets

# Explore

Browse page
To find content the Browse page is a good starting point.

On most pages you have a search bar in the left menu.
You can search tags in it.
You can mix tags, for instance searching : "php" and "testing" will return cheatsheets with the tags "php" AND "testing" first, then cheatsheets with "php" OR "testing". If one of the tags does not exist it will be ignored.

# Readability

Copy file
$ cp /from/file /to/folder

Line Length
A line has so much space. Try to plan line breaks around the space you have.

Be Mindful
Write for yourself and write for others.

$ Prefix
You should prefix terminal commands with $.

Post-it size
Break cheats in small units. It reads better and looks better.

It's code, wrtie comments
Use syntax highlighting to improve readability. Use comments.

# Priority

Order by Priority
Order cheats by usefulness. Ask yourself what you are likely to use more often and prioritize accordingly.

Set your Priority values in 10x increments
10, 20, 30 etc... Makes insertion easier.